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Ruth Marie [userpic]

ear candy wanted

27th March 2009 (12:33)
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current song: damaged - danity kane

Originally uploaded by ruth marie.

I am desperately in need of a new playlist or three, so 'meme' style thing... can you guys comment with your current playlist[s]/ear candy of about 10 - 20 songs: "artist - song title" (mp3 download links would be appreciated though not necessary). I just need something different to listen to.

M E M E - Show me your world


Let me into your world... show me your desktop wallpaper.
I like to use mine as a photo album-cum-scrap book, though I've had to start from scratch again after my computer was wiped. Someday... there will be more piccies :)

I've also figured out how to make those glassy iPhone icons in PhotoShop so I've been fixing up all those fug 'default' icons that various software uses plus I've been enjoying customising different folders on my compy by giving them their own unique icons. I just make the .png files and use ConvertICO.com to convert them to .ico files and taa daa! all that's left is to reassign the desired icon. :D


PLUS WTF is Twitter?